From the archives…

Here’s one of the first copywriting projects I had the pleasure of working on—crafting category copy for a popular “green” gardening company’s selection of backyard birding items.(Specific brand names and products have been removed.)

Birding (Main Category)

When you use environmentally responsible products on your lawn and garden, you’re helping the native bird population—with our new line of birding products, you’ll help them even more. In addition to an environmentally friendly yard, birds need food, water and shelter. Shop our wide selection of bird food, feeders, shelters, bird baths and water aids and accessories to find everything you need to create a bird paradise. And, you’ll enjoy a close-up view of nature’s feathered friends.

Bird Food (Subcategory)

Feeding backyard birds is enjoyable for you, but did you know it benefits the birds, too? We carry a wide selection of natural, high-quality foods made for different species. Want to attract bluebirds and other insect-lovers? Offer (redacted), (redacted),  or (redacted). Enjoy watching woodpeckers and chickadees? Provide (redacted) or (redacted). Want to attract songbirds? Select the (redacted) or another high-quality seed mix. Shop our complete collection of bird food now!

Bird Feeders (Subcategory)

Whether you’re offering mealworms, bird seed mix or suet to your backyard birds, we have a feeder that fits your needs, while helping out the bird population. Choose from a wide variety of hanging and platform designs that are easy for you and the birds to use. Want a feeder that enhances the landscape? Select one of our fully functional, decorative feeders. Are squirrels eating your bird food? We carry a variety of squirrel-proof feeders that deter, not harm, squirrels.  Browse our complete selection and find the feeder that naturally fits your yard today!

Accessories (Subcategory)

We have a wide selection of accessories to ensure that your nesting boxes and feeders are secure and ready for your backyard birds. Need to install your nesting box to a post? Try our handy (redacted). Want to deter predators at your feeding station? Try our (redacted). Are squirrels eating your bird food? Select one of our squirrel baffles. Shop our environmentally responsible accessories today!

Water (Subcategory)

You understand for the importance of clean water. Your backyard birds need it too! Enhance your yard and provide for the birds with our attractive (redacted). And during the winter months, use the (redacted) so that your backyard birds have unfrozen water for drinking and bathing. Check out our complete selection now!
Shelters (Subcategory)

Not all birds fly south for the winter. Many–like robins, cardinals, chickadees, wrens and nuthatches–need shelter for warmth. We have a wide selection of cozy shelters to help your backyard birds weather the winter cold. Choose from our (redacted) that’s designed to provide shelf-nesting birds the winter protection and warmth that they need, or our (redacted), an ingenious roost that attracts birds that nest in cavities or nest boxes. Your backyard birds will appreciate the bird-friendly additions to your yard. Shop bird shelters now for all your bird-housing needs!

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